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December 7, 2022 Digital Assets
Brandon Vongsawad
December 14, 2022
NAEPC Webinar: Special Needs Planning: What Estate Planning Practitioners Should Know
Elizabeth Forspan, Esq.
January 4, 2023 Understanding How and When to Appropriately Integrate Insurance Products into a Financial and Estate Plan to Align with Client Values
Tyler Vongsawad
January 18, 2023
NAEPC Webinar: The IRS Dirty Dozen
Caroline D. Ciraolo and John D. (Don) Fort
February 1, 2023 Federal Tax Update
Doug Flake, Partner at Squire and Company
March 1, 2023 Chapter Meeting
April 12, 2023 Chapter Meeting
May 3, 2023 Chapter Meeting
May 10, 2023
NAEPC Webinar: One Hundred Percent of Marriages End: Elective Share (And Community Property) Planning for Modem Love and Migrating Couples
Terry L. Turnipseed, JD, LL.M. (taxation)
June 7, 2023 Chapter Meeting
October 11, 2023
NAEPC Webinar: Designing and Implementing Estate Planning Structures with the IRS in Mind: Audit Triggers and Considerations Associated Therewith
Alan S. Gassman, JD, LL.M. (Taxation), AEPĀ® (Distinguished)
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