Past Events

November 2, 2022 Salt Lake Estate Planning Council Fall Institute
October 5, 2022 Special Needs Trusts – Blessing the Lives of Those in Greatest Need
Ronda Gardner
September 7, 2022 Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies
Nathan Larsen, Squire
May 4, 2022 Help Clients Maximize Charitable Giving
Jennifer J. Hicks, CFRE, CAP, Glenrose Philanthropy Advisors
April 13, 2022 2022 Legislative Update
John Valentine
March 2, 2022 Stories, Mishaps, and Consequences in Implementing Estate Planning Documents
Becky Allred & Shawnna Hammon, Stagg Fiduciary
February 2, 2022 Nuances of Gift Tax Returns
Ronda Gardner
January 5, 2022 Intersection of Bankruptcy and Estate Planning
Brian Langford
December 1, 2021 “Understanding Donor-Advised Funds”
John Barger, President of Deseret Trust Company
November 3, 2021 Business Valuation Basics and Discounting Considerations
William W. Olsen, CPA
October 6, 2021 “Why Utah Valley is the Sweet Spot for Qualified Charitable Distributions”
Mike Johnson, Pillar Capital
September 1, 2021 "Adapt, Change, or Disappear"
David York
May 5, 2021 Tax Changes Are Coming: Critical Estate Planning Groundwork in Light of Proposed Changes
Marianne Ludlow
March 31, 2021 Legislative Update
Utah State Tax Commissioner John Valentine
March 3, 2021 Post-Election Estate Planning: The Tsunami Continues to Roll In
Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq., AEP® (Distinguished)
February 3, 2021 Federal Tax Update
Doug Flake, Partner at Squire and Company
January 6, 2021 Cash Balance Plans - A Powerful Tool for Small Business Owners
Jeff Zobell - principal and former CEO of ABG Rocky Mountain
December 2, 2020 Playing in The Utah Legal Sandbox - Big Changes
Carson Pearson - Partner at Pearson Butler
November 4, 2020 The Value of a Philanthropic Conversation
Jacob Dowse and Jim Welsh
October 7, 2020 Maximizing ABLE Accounts for Disabled Clients
Chris Morgan
September 2, 2020 Donor Advised Funds and Impact Investing
Daniel Blake and Kimball Crockett of University Impact
March 4, 2020 Estate Planning and Divorce
Kristy L. Hanson, Attorney - MacArthur Heder Metler
February 5, 2020 Federal Tax Update - What We've Learned
Doug Flake, Tax Partner - Squire & Company
January 8, 2020 The Secure Act - Big Changes to Retirement Accounts
Mel Schwarz - Director of Legislative Affairs - Eide Bailly Washington DC
December 4, 2019 Hidden Costs of Investing - How Wall Street is Screwing You
Kurt Brown
November 6, 2019 3 Vital Steps to Help Clients Prepare for Their Personal Recessions
Robert Shelton
October 2, 2019 Probate: When to Avoid It and When to Embrace It
Bill O. Heder, JD
September 4, 2019 Opportunity Zones: What We Know, What We Don’t, and What We Are Seeing
Jeffrey McClean and Steve Morrill
May 1, 2019 Succession Planning: Legal Pitfalls in Buying or Selling a Business.
Steve R. Sumsion, JD
April 3, 2019 Modifying or Terminating Charitable Entities
Paul MacArthur, JD
March 6, 2019 Veteran Friendly Estate Planning - 2019 Updates
J. RobRoy Platt, JD, EPLS, AEP®
February 6, 2019 Utah Transfer On Death Deed Laws
Jeff Skoubye, JD
January 2, 2019 Business Ethics for the Estate Planning Professional
Aaron Miller, JD, MPA - Brigham Young University
December 5, 2018 Protecting Inherited Retirement Assets (in a Tax-Advantaged Way)
Marianne Ludlow, JD
November 7, 2018 2017 Tax Reform Act - What Estate Planning Professionals Must Know
Ramona K. Johnson, CPA / Partner at EideBailly
October 10, 2018 Estate Planning and Firearms: The Essentials
James P. Alder, JD
September 12, 2018 Modifying Irrevocable Trusts in Utah
Geoff N. Germane, JD, EPLS, AEP®
April 11, 2018 Lead Trusts: Improve Your Family Gifting
Cristina Pianezzola, JD - UVU Gift Planning
March 7, 2018 Donating Closely Held Assets to Donor Advised Funds: What Every Advisor Needs to Know
Nathan Daley JD, Fidelity Charitable
February 7, 2018 Key Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Angie Morris, CPA and Josh Van Cott, CPA
January 3, 2018 Counseling Families In Wealth Preservation Planning
Joanne Stern, PhD
December 6, 2017 Estate Planning for Blended Families
K. Paul MacArthur
November 1, 2017 Tax Law Update: What You and Your Clients Need to Know
Doug Flake, JD, CPA
October 4, 2017 Purposeful Investing
John L. Unice, CFP®
September 6, 2017 Special Needs Trusts: Blessing the Lives of Those in Greatest Need
Ronda Gardner, CPA
May 18, 2017 UVU Business & Economic Forum
Keynote: Hyrum W. Smith
April 5, 2017 Planned Giving Mythbusters
Utah Planned Giving Roundtable Board Members
March 1, 2017 The Many Uses of Life Insurance
Scott Phillips, JD
February 1, 2017 "Working with Clients with Diminished Capacity"
William M. Jeffs
January 4, 2017 Effective Asset Protection Strategies in Utah
Rust Tippett, JD
December 7, 2016 End of Year Gifting - Legal Essentials You Need to Know
Randy Lish, JD
November 2, 2016 Perspectives of a Professional Trustee
Mark Mitchell, JD
October 5, 2016 Your Closely Held Business Interest is Worth More Than it's Worth (and other IRS truths from the 2704 Regulations)
Geoff Germane, JD, AEP®, EPLS
September 7, 2016 The Dark Side of Portability: When to Avoid Portability and a Few Options to Move Toward Getting the Best of Both Worlds.
Curtis Harris, J.D., LL.M.
May 19, 2016 2016 UVU Business & Economic Forum
Featuring Al Switzler, NY Times Best-selling Author
April 6, 2016 Solving the Social Security Puzzle: What You Need to Know Before You Claim
Mark T. Sumsion, Scott H. Garbutt, & Flint J. Stephens
March 2, 2016 Advance Funeral Planning - What Estate Planning Professionals Need to Know
Layton Cottrell
February 3, 2016 How a Trusteed IRA Can Improve Your Retirement Plan
Lee S. McCullough III
January 6, 2016 The Power of Networking for Estate Planning Professionals
Jeff Rust, Corporate Alliance CEO
December 2, 2015 Year End Tax Planning Strategies
Shaun D. Olsen CPA
November 4, 2015 "Make Every Word Count: How to Become An Effective Speaker"
Elain Witt
October 7, 2015 "Out-of-date" Estate Planning Pitfalls
McKay Johnson, JD, LLM
September 2, 2015 Panel Discussion - Estate Planning Strategies
Panel of Estate Planning Professionals
August 5, 2015 Having Your Cake and Eating it Too. Helping Our Clients to Use Charitable Giving to Not Only Give But to Get.
Philip D. Barker, J.D. CSPG, CFRE
June 3, 2015 Brown Bag Networking Luncheon
Pure Networking Event
May 14, 2015 2015 Business & Economic Forum
Keynote Speakers: Roger Connors, Matthew S. Holland, and Larry Gelwix
April 1, 2015 Utah Legislative Update
Senator Curt Bramble
March 4, 2015 Utah State Income Tax Update
Comm. John L. Valentine
February 4, 2015 Chartiable Gift Annunity Planning
John M. Barger
January 7, 2015 Social Security 101
W. Craig Judd, CLTC
October 1, 2014 Estate planning monthly luncheon
Brand Barney- Security analyst at Security Metrics
September 3, 2014 Estate planning monthly luncheon
Lee McCullough
May 27, 2014 UVU Business/Economic Forumm
April 2, 2014 Utah Valley estate planning monthly lunch
Senator John Valentine
March 5, 2014 Current state of estate planning
Mckay Johnson
February 5, 2014 Obamacare Update
Greg Mattis
January 15, 2014 The Community Foundation of Utah
Fraser Nelson
December 4, 2013 White Collar Crime
Michael Pickett of the FBI
November 6, 2013 Emerging Issues in ESOP Planning
Mr. Roy A. Farmer II
October 9, 2013 Charitable Remainder Trusts and their Uses
Henry Whiffen
September 4, 2013 Current Pension Planning Updates
Leonard "Bo" Graham
May 21, 2013 Utah Valley University Business & Economic Forum
April 3, 2013 Legislative Update
John Valentine
March 6, 2013 Business Valuation
Peter H. Agrapides, MBA, AVA
February 6, 2013 Personal Financial Planning
Jacob P. Sybrowsky, Ph.D. CRC® RFC
January 16, 2013 Lending Issues in Estate Planning Since TARP
Brad Adamson, Zions Bank
December 5, 2012 Tax Planning under Obamacare
Ron Hawkins, Hawkins Cloward and Simister
November 7, 2012 Utah Division of Securities Update--Estate Planning Issues to Know
Keith Woodwell, Director of Utah Division of Securities
October 10, 2012 Planning to Preserve a Legacy; Lessons Learned from Mediating Estate Planning Disputes
Anthony Schofield
September 5, 2012 Life Insurance as a Hedge and Other Needed Changes in our Perceived Rules of Thumb
Jim Gulbrandsen of Kingsbury Wealth Strategies
May 2, 2012 May Half-Day Event
April 4, 2012 Utah Legislative Update
Senator John Valentine
March 7, 2012 Divorce Issues in Estate Planning
Lorie D. Fowlke, JD
February 1, 2012 Use of Annuities in Estate Planning
Ron Olson
January 9, 2012 Tax Planning after Obamacare
Ron Hawkins, Hawkins Cloward and Simister
January 4, 2012 Utah's Captive Insurance Industry
Ross Elliot, Captive Insurance Director, Utah Insurance Department
December 7, 2011 Ethics Issues in Estate Planning
Reese Hansen of the BYU Law School
November 10, 2011 Asset Protection and Integrated Estate Planning
November 2, 2011 November 2nd UVEPC Luncheon: Best Practices and Avoiding Common Mistakes and Pitfalls in Estate Plan
Judge M. James Brady, Utah Fourth District
October 5, 2011 Roth IRAs in Estate Planning
Erik Hendrickson, Bernstein Global Wealth Management
September 7, 2011 Planning for Senior Benefits--Medicare, Long-term care, and Short-term care
Matt Gibson
June 1, 2011 June UVEPC Event: Business Valuations in Estate Planning
Eddie Norris
May 4, 2011 National Speaker from the National Association of Estate Planning Councils
Michael W. Halloran, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®, CFP®, REBC, RHU, LUTCF, MSFS, MSM
April 7, 2011 Pay UVEPC Member Dues
April 6, 2011 Legislative Update with State Senator John Valentine
John Valentine
March 2, 2011 Estate Planning Case Studies
Tyler Vongsawad
February 2, 2011 Tax and Financial Planning with Charitable Trusts
Geoff N. Germane, JD
January 5, 2011 Tax Update Luncheon
Ron Hawkins
December 1, 2010 Charitable Giving as an Estate Planning Tool in 2011
Philip D. Barker, J.D., CSPG
November 3, 2010 Strategies and Pitfalls Learned from Recent Court Cases
Scott Soelberg, Attny and Shaun Olsen, CPA
October 6, 2010 Squeeze, Freeze and Burn: Running the Numbers on a Sale to an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust
Lee S. McCullough, III, JD
September 1, 2010 Estate Planning Strategies Until Congress Acts
William L. Prater, Attny
June 2, 2010 Influencer Training & Golf (golf optional)
People Smart Solutions, Inc.
May 6, 2010 May Event - National Speaker
Robert G. Alexander, J.D.
April 7, 2010 Utah Legislative Update
Senator John L. Valentine
March 3, 2010 Values Based Estate Planning
Henry Whiffen
February 3, 2010 Banking & Lending - Economic update
Matt C. Packard
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