Membership - Additional Information


Registered Membership Benefits

  • HALF-DAY UVEPC INSTITUTE (MAY): ($200+ value). Membership includes the half-day event in May where multiple presenters will provide superior education as well as lunch and snacks. This is the best way to kick off the Summer before we break until September.
  • LEIMBERG INFORMATION SERVICES (LISI) SUBSCRIPTION: ($360 Value) All members get pre-paid access to Leimberg Information Services (LISI), a subscription service providing financial service professionals fast, frank, and incisive analysis of proposed and recent legislation, regulations, cases, and rulings by experts. LISI is also home to a very powerful engine that will help subscribers create customized searches and past and future cases more easily and quickly than ever before possible.
  • NETWORKING (Priceless): There is only one kind of relationship worth cultivating; the kind that lasts. Come create real relationships. Come create a network of advisors and friends.
  • LUNCH MEETINGS: Membership dues include attendance at all lunch presentations on current estate planning topics. Multiple lunches are held in both the spring and fall. Come learn from great presenters on the latest discipline-specific topics
  • CLE/CPE/FPE: Earn continuing education credits! Between monthly luncheons and the UVU Business & Economic Forum each member will typically receive around 12-16 hours of CLE/CFP/CPE credit.
  • Membership Directory: Inclusion in the UVEPC online directory.
  • NAEPC: Numerous programs and discounts are available through the UVEPC’s affiliation with NAEPC.

All member benefits are included in the full annual membership:

  • Full Annual Membership          $325